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125 Ways to Heal

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Hello Dear Heart and welcome to Emotional Freedom At Last!

I’m so excited and grateful that you’ve found your way here because it means you’re ready to let go of the negative and low vibrational emotions that you’ve been carrying for so long.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, in its perfect divine time. There’s no coincidence that you are here, reading this message, right now.

To me, it says that you still believe there’s something more for you, for your life, even though you haven’t found it yet. The part of you that longs to feel whole, healthy and healed, has brought you here … has brought you home.

I honor your courage, persistence and willingness to try again. I know you’ve invested your hard earned time, money and energy into self-help programs, therapy, alternative healing, medical intervention and maybe even medication but you still haven’t found the healing, inner peace, self-acceptance or personal fulfillment that you desire. Most of my clients have walked the same path before they were guided to me. I believe that you were guided here by your own inner knowing, your wiser Self and the support of the Universe!

You were guided here because it’s time for you to let go of the stories, beliefs and energetic stranglehold of the past, once and for all, and step into the remarkable woman you came here to be. You may not have any idea who she even is, or how to do that … or even believe it’s possible. No worries … that’s why I’m here!

I know exactly how to help you do all of that. I have enough belief for both of us. I can, and will, hold the highest vision of yourself for you until you can see and step into her yourself! I know this because I’ve helped thousands of women just like you who were beginning to fear they’d never be fully happy, healthy and healed … to heal, awaken and transform their lives.

You see, my mission and my passion is to help every woman realize four essential truths. If I could shout from the highest mountaintop so that every woman who has ever felt unworthy, unlovable, ashamed and a little bit crazy could hear me, this is what I would say to each one.

Dear Sweet Sister,

You are not crazy but you did develop some unhealthy patterns of thinking and acting as a result of early life experience.

You are not responsible for the things that happened to you, or in your family, the situations or circumstances that caused you mental, emotional, physical or spiritual pain and left you believing that you are unlovable, undeserving, shameful or insignificant.

You are not your story. Historical events and the interpretations and beliefs of other people in your life, each with their own pain and stories, have nothing to do with the truth of who you are as a Divine expression of the energy that created you.

You can heal the wounded parts of yourself, break free from the inner critic and self-saboteur and create an authentic, purposeful and joyful life.

You see, in the end, you just want to be seen, recognized and appreciated for who you are. You want the opportunity to live a full and complete life, free from the emotional and psychological bondage of your past experiences, stories, limitations and emotional baggage.

I understand you and I am here to help you.

I commit to create a safe and sacred space for you to take a journey of healing, awakening and transforming your Self and your life.

I commit to help you create a vision for your life and to hold that vision for you until you can hold it for yourself.

I commit to be a guide, mentor, teacher and friend, honoring your unique path to wholeness.

To your healing, awakening, and transformation,

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All it took was one 30-minute call with Catherine and my life changed dramatically. Within a week, I made a major decision about my business – I hired a new business coach and my business is thriving. And a week later, I sold my house to move 1,400 miles to reunite with my daughter! It was Catherine’s own story of courage and fortitude as she faced and made her own life-transforming decisions that sparked in me the same courage and determination to transform my life. Thank you Catherine for inspiring me to soar!

Lynn Zimba, Ph.D.

ABrightHorizon.com, Maine

Thank you, Catherine! I can actually credit you with getting this book off the ground. When I took your Passion Test class, getting the book published turned out to be my top passion! Once I recognized and accepted that, everything fell into place! The publisher came through, the designer, now the distributor! It all feels right!

June Hyjek

Catherine is incredibly intuitive and was able to help me discover things that were impacting my life and release them in a way NO other therapist ever has. She has helped me to turn my life around. I highly recommend her. Susan P.

Plainville, CT

You are a phenomenal woman! As we work through our issues and learn our next step in this journey, we never quite respect the process until we finish for that moment and look back to give thanks and respect…. to the phenomenal woman. The twinkle in your eye, that sparkle of pure essence of life; your exuberance is contagious! You are a remarkable gift given to us here on earth so that we may each explore our lives and remember where we come from and what our soul experience is meant to be. A reminder of our awakening! Thank you for being humble, recognizing your talented gift and sharing it with us! If you are lucky enough to find Cathy, know that it is a gift from the universe! Loretta

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